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Feasibility Study/Marketing Plan - ‘Wood Products Industrial Park’

The MCRA is seeking a consultant to provide the MCRA and other Mingo County officials with a feasibility study / strategic marketing plan for this site. The plan will provide essential information on the site and what the site needs to achieve the goal of becoming a valuable asset to the County as a producer of value added wood products.

The MCRA would like the following actions to be incorporated into a marketing strategic plan:

  • Assess current site conditions and make recommendations for site improvements

  • Ascertain potential costs for the recommended improvements

  • A market analysis that determines potential investors for the site and calculates the demand potential for value added wood products

  • Develop a marketing strategy for the site

It is desired that the consultant also addresses the potential economic impact of a fully operational and successful site for the county and region. An economic impact analysis can be determined using an established and widely accepted methodology, such as an Input/Output model or an economic simulation model.

The consultant will be working closely with the Executive Director of the MCRA to gain access to the site, provide progress updates, and explain details of the strategic market planning process.

For additional information, see complete RFP document HERE

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