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About Mingo County


Mingo County, West Virginia is the gateway to business in Central Appalachia, and the Mingo County Redevelopment Authority welcomes the opportunity to locate your business in the heart of our energy intensive region.

The Mingo County Redevelopment Authority is a public organization established to promote and encourage the economic and civic welfare of Mingo County. Our mission is to develop, attract and retain businesses, industries and commerce within our county in order to create employment opportunities and increase the county’s tax base.


Our mission dictates the need for a diversified economy. Diversification requires opportunities; opportunities require development sites; and development sites require creativity in Mingo County’s mountainous terrain. Creatively, the Mingo County Redevelopment Authority has forged public/private partnerships which have resulted in the development of the Mingo County Air Transportation Park, the King Coal Highway, and the Wood Products Industrial, all of which we use as avenues to achieve smart economic growth.



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