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Southern Coalfields Sustainable Tourism & Entrepreneurship Program

The Hatfield-McCoy Trails Authority and Natural Capital Investment Fund were awarded an ARC Power grant for their Growing Small Businesses in Hatfield McCoy Trail Communities Initiative.  The Initiative is a comprehensive program to assist entrepreneurs in southern West Virginia trail communities by providing business advisory services and access to capital to help entrepreneurs grow their enterprises to meet the demand for increased services, ensuring that communities and businesses maximize the economic potential of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System.  


“Trails Heaven”, as it’s commonly called, consists of more than 600 miles of recreational trails, and its popularity has created unique opportunities for small businesses in building better “Trails infrastructure”. 


Bryan Shaw

Program Administrator, Entrepreneurship and Business Coaching Center

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College

P.O. Box 2900, Dempsey Branch Road, Mount Gay, WV  25637

(C) 304-896-7314

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