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Robert C. Byrd Institute Appalachian Hatchery Initiative

In partnernship with Marshall University, the Robert C. Byrd Institute’s Appalachian Hatchery Initiative, funded by an ARC POWER grant, puts Business Outreach Specialists in the state’s 20 southernmost coal mining counties and offers technical assistance to coal supply chain businesses that were drastically impacted by the decline in the coal industry.   The Specialists provide companies with assistance in retooling their manufacturing processes, new market development, marketing, prototyping, training, and seeking early stage funding to support business retention and new entrepreneurial development. Greta Curry is the Business Outreach Specialist serving the coal impacted counties of Mingo, Logan, Boone and Lincoln.  She is hosted by the Mingo County Redevelopment Authority in Williamson, and she can be contacted by phone at (304) 235-0042, or by email at

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