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December Monthly Meeting

WILLIAMSON The Mingo County Redevelopment Authority heard about the Robert C. Byrd Institute and Reclaim Appalachia at its regular monthly meeting held Thursday at the office in East Williamson.

Executive Director Leasha Johnson, along with board members, first heard from Greta Curry, a local representative for RCBI. She gave the group an overview of what the organization does and showed a short video.

The Robert C. Byrd Institute offers a comprehensive stable of resources to support economic development and growth across the region.

Leveraging its expertise in manufacturing, technology and workforce development with a full complement of leading-edge equipment, RCBI enables manufacturers and makers to move their innovative ideas and creative solutions from concept to market.

Curry talked about some projects in southern West Virginia, including Mingo County, that she is involved in.

Nathan Hall, of Reclaim Appalachia, also presented a short video on his organization. The group recently had a demonstration of a huge piece of machinery that can help turn post-mine land into farmable acreage. That was at the Harless Industrial location on 22 Mine Road, where there are already some agricultural ventures underway.

Reclaim Appalachia exists to convert post mine lands in Appalachia into sustainable economic development sites. Their workers are trained to restore landscapes while building profitable businesses in the fields of agriculture, forestry, renewable energy and advanced technology.

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