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New Housing Subdivision Near Completion

WILLIAMSON — Housing lots will soon be available at the new residential site along the King Coal Highway near Mingo Central High School.

A spec house was finished earlier this year, and there will be 10 more lots available for purchase in the near future.

The Mingo County Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors (MCRA) heard an update on the project from MCRA Executive Director Leasha Johnson and Brandon Dennison, director of the Coalfield Development Corporation (CDC)

Johnson said an open house will be planned once a design of the cul-de-sac road is finished, and its cost can be incorporated into the lot prices. Each lot appraised for approximately $20,000, however the road still needs to be built for the subdivision.

Johnson described the location as having a "million-dollar view."

Dennison's group built the spec house and he hopes to build another one at the mountaintop site.

"Thank you for the chance to build the house," Dennison said. "We learned a lot. We lost our crew chief and some crew members – but we stuck with it and built it local."

The Coalfield Development Corporation employs people (especially laid-off coal miners) and hires them to staff work-crews to provide labor on community projects that create assets for residents. These workers learn important skills that they can use.

The CDC works with engaged citizens to develop transformative "bricks and mortar" projects that convert perceived liabilities — like vacant buildings or former strip mines — into community

assets such as new businesses, affordable housing, job-training hubs and community centers.

"We are proud of the end-product," Dennison said. "We learned a lot and we're happy you hung in there with us."

Dennison said on future products he may employ more "finishers" to help with the final work on any homes built and they can also train the local workers on various construction tasks.

The 15 residential homes will have zoning ordinances and have a homeowners association.

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