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February Monthly Meeting

WILLIAMSON - The Mingo County Redevelopment Authority (MCRA) board of directors received several updates on projects in the county at a meeting this past Thursday at its offices in East Williamson.

There is a new tenant at the old Quality Metal building located at the Harless Industrial Park. Intertractor America manufactures tracks for heavy mining equipment, according to Leasha Johnson, executive director of the MCRA.

"There are a total of three jobs so far for Intertractor," Johnson said "They didn't say when they'll open in March. I'm assuming it will be mid-March."

The company is still not finished with building modifications.

Intertractor America is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of undercarriage components and solutions. The new Holden location will focus solely on the mining industry by providing track chains, shoes and rolling stock for all mining crawler machinery. They will also be repairing and servicing track groups in the region.

The MCRA is still working toward proposed improvements to the 22 Mine Road and an access road for the Harless Industrial Park near Holden, which is located on the Mingo-Logan County line.

For the wood flooring plant, one potential new client dropped out, but another is interested in taking over the facility, which is a West Virginia-based company.

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