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Never Give Up - Editorial

Diligence and hard work are having positive impact on Mingo County

It appears that two Mingo County development projects may soon become a reality after having undergone a great deal of negotiation between the Mingo County Redevelopment Authority and several state and federal agencies

Because of these efforts by MCRA Executive Director Leasha Johnson and her staff, drag racing in our local community could begin by early next summer and construction of an aquaponics facility at Kermit might also be finally getting underway by spring.

The two projects required a great deal of toil and sweat, as well as substantial capital investments, to come to Mingo County. Once finally operational, they undoubtedly will be major sources of income and tourism for our region.

With the area’s economic condition having been seriously damaged by the decline of the coal industry and its related businesses, it’s no secret we are desperately in need of new revenues. These two endeavors represent a very good start toward that end.

We are relieved to see advancements being made in these projects which, unfortunately to this point, had been at a standstill because of the burdensome amount of governmental red tape in which most of these types of projects are seemingly wrapped.

Johnson has tirelessly fought for Mingo County and has consistently kept the projects in front of anyone who potentially could help resolve the issues. And proving, we might add, that hard work and diligence eventually pay off for those refusing to take “no” for and answer,

We applaud Johnson and the Mingo County Redevelopment Authority for these never-give-up efforts to move our county forward.

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